December 13, 2012

“Opening NATO’s Door” (Armenian Edition)


The Book “Opening NATO’s Door” by Ronald D.Asmus was published in Armenian in June 2008.

Ronald Asmus presents NATO enlargement process in his book both from the point of view of an academician and a direct participant of events. In early 1990s, Ronald Asmus was one of the people, who put forward in think tank community the idea of NATO enlargement, and soon it moved to the political field. A few years later, Asmus received invitation to work in U.S. President Clinton’s Administration and, having occupied the position of U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, started working on direct implementation of the ideas he had once set.

Armenian edition of the book was sponsored by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Governments.

“I am delighted that my book is appearing in Armenian. This strikes me as evidence of the power of an idea or a vision -- the vision of the opening of the Euro-Atlantic community to new democracies seeking to anchor themselves to the West. This book describes debates and events that took place over a decade ago when the first political battles over NATO enlargement were waged and won. The fact that it is still topical in another part of the world a decade later is a very positive sign”, Ron Asmus wrote in the intro to the Armenian edition.